"Yay, You! Moving Up and Moving On" book cover

Yay, You! Moving Up and Moving On

Author: Sandra Boynton Illustrator: Sandra Boynton Publisher: Simon & Schuster 2013 Such a fun and empowering read. Good for kids and adults alike … we all deserve to be our own cheerleaders! “Yay, You! Moving Up” book contains the charming and rhythmic rhyme that Sandra Boynton is known for, and the content is motivating and [...]

Too Much Glue book cover

Too Much Glue

Author: Jason Lefobvre Illustrator: Zac Retz Publisher: Flash Light Press As kids we have all heard it, and as grown-ups, we’ve likely all said it … “you’re using too much glue”. But really, so what? What can possibly happen?? This story tells a funny and creative tale about just that! Told in first person, (which [...]

My Name Is Blessing

My Name Is Blessing

Author: Eric Walters Illustrator: Eugenie Fernandes  Publisher: Tundra Books 2013 Wow…This is the powerful and moving true story of one spirited young boy and his loving grandmother, but it is also a story of hope, faith, kindness and generosity. Based on the true story of a boy named Muthini (now referred to as Baraka), his [...]

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